How it all started...

To begin, my name is Carlo. I am the co-founder and designer behind ManeMan Designs. I am an artist in many facets. I draw, paint, rap, and now design apparel. I am a young Haitian (Natif Natal) entrepreneur, looking to place a stamp in the business of apparel, specifically representing my country of Haiti. 


ManeMan Designs started as a passion project. It was something I always wanted to pursue, but didn't know where to start. This is where the co-founder comes into play. Her name is Cassandra, my wife. She was the one who consistently encouraged me to create the platform and site to allow others to have access to the products I was already producing for ourselves. Our products is not simply things we create to sale, but also items that we wear and amplify our pride as young Haitians navigating through life.  


So what does ManeMan represent??

ManeMan is a brand that finds unique ways to represent Haitian culture through fashion. We do not simply paste the flag on our products, but cultivate phrases and designs that can be wore everyday, and not simply of May 18th.